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Transifex Sync is the top Marketplace App for mid-market and enterprise organizations that need to translate their Zendesk Help Center content into other languages.


The best way to manage your multilingual support content

Transifex Sync seamlessly connects your Zendesk Help Center with the Transifex translation management platform so you can streamline your translation workflow and easily send articles between both platforms.

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Better content management with no manual processes

With Transifex Sync, all your content and translations are stored within the platform. Access them at any time and say goodbye to manual processes. No more copying and pasting strings, sending files back and forth, or spending precious time tracking translation progress.

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Visibility into translation progress

As your team works to translate your Help Center content, you can see which languages have been completed for each article by logging into your Transifex account. Better visibility into the process makes it easier to know what work’s been done and what’s outstanding.

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Clear content parsing for simplified translation

Transifex pushes content from your Help Center as an HTML file because it allows your articles to be broken into small, translatable paragraphs. This makes it easier for translators to read the content, while providing appropriate context for increased translation quality.

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The only Marketplace app that's translator agnostic

Translate your Help Center articles with your own translators, whether it’s your current agency, your amazing community, or someone internally. Having the flexibility to work with the translators that know your product inside and out means increased peace of mind.

Get Started with Transifex Sync for Zendesk

Whether you’re ready to dive into setup feet first or you’d prefer to chat with a team member to see if Transifex Sync is the right choice for your business, we’re here to help you extend your Help Center into new and exciting territory.

I’m ready to get started on my own

We’ve made getting started easy!
No engineering help needed.

Simply start your 15-day trial with Transifex and reference our Zendesk documentation for step-by-step instructions.


I have a few questions and want to learn more

Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!
Chat with a Transifex team member.

Discuss your short and long-term translation goals and see if Transifex Sync is the right fit for your organization.

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