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The Complete 2020 Website Translation Checklist

With nearly three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies using localization to reach customers in new global markets, if localization hasn’t made its way onto your business priorities — there’s a strong chance it will in the coming year. As you get ready for another year of going global to reach your international audiences, we’ve put together a complete and up-to-date checklist for taking your website global.


Whether you are just beginning to translate your website, or on the next localization project — review this translation checklist to make sure you are covering all your global website bases. This comprehensive checklist will walk you through the website translation process, breaking down vital steps including:


  • Planning and organizing your site structure and workflows,
  • Selecting translation method(s) and preparing translation resources, 
  • Reviewing and maintaining translation quality across your website(s), 
  • And more. 


To download The Complete 2020 Website Translation Checklist, simply fill out the form to the right.


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